Personal Poems Truly Add That Special Touch

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personal poem

Wow … PoemMail was a great surprise gift 

Personal Poems Are The Perfect Gift

Hello! I am Rod and I am very pleased to let you know that I can send you a Personal Poem suitable for most occasions. I have a number of poems that have space for your personal message in the last two lines (20 words or less) Each Poem is sent to your email as a Pdf Attachment and can be printed out by you at your own leisure. I have found that the Pdf format works the best for most printouts over different copiers/printers.

I think you will be delighted with the end result which can then be slipped into a envelope and posted locally to the recipient. Each poem is an original work by me but allows for your short message to make it a Personal Gift that is truly unique and fun. I will send you the poem via an email with the heading of Just For You and the Poem Category. Once received you will be able to save and print out the a4 page poem which is done in an elegant font with a border around the page. Cards are cool …. But Poems are Perfect !!

Categories for these wonderful poems are as follows

Friendship Poem …. A Special Bond
Wedding ….. That Special Day
New baby …..Joy of Joys
Love  …..The One I Waited For
Lost Love …..I Will Always Remember
General Birthday …..Happy Birthday
18th Birthday  ……Hey You Made It
21st Birthday ….. 21 Lines of Wisdom
Good Business …..Thank You
Bad Business ……Feedback Opinion
New Pet …..inspiration
Congratulations …… humorous

Perfect Poems Made Easy

It really is so simple to send a Personal Poem to a friend or a loved one. All you need to do is pick the most appropriate category and then add your own personal message that you wish the recipient to read. A Personal Poem is a great way to share the words you might be having trouble finding? I strive to make it easy and hassle free for you. I am pleased to say you can order your Personal Poem via the Fiverr.Com platform where you can trust your order is handled in a professional manor with complete security on all transactions. Your Personal Poem is sent to you via email as well an extra copy on the Fiverr.Com platform. The question is, who will you send your first Personal Poem to? Poem Mail is fun, unusual and an exciting way to share those hard to find feelings! To make and order simply Click Here 

Please note all poem templates are copyright protected

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The Lost Love Poem

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Lost Love Gift Poem

Lost Love Poem Preview

The Lost Love Poem Remembers

Sadly we all have had this heart breaking experience most likely more than once in our life. The cruel emptiness  left in our soul feels like it never mend! We dread to hear the name of our lost love and we find it so damn hard to hide from our sorrow! Sadly sometimes their is anger, it is a natural feeling as we try and deal with an incomprehensible rejection. The Lost love Poem endeavours to help mend the emptiness and also seeks to give back some dignity by letting the lost love they were indeed something special in this world and the time spent with them will always be treasured. The Lost Love Poem acts as a last goodbye but just as importantly a fond reminder of true contentment and happiness that was shared.  By using The Lost Love Poem we let our lost love know that they will always be in our thoughts and memories. 

The Lost Love Poem Heals

We all need a little time to heal when we lose the love of our life! Then, after the dust settles we realise that our memories will always be with us and that we can draw upon the special moments to truly remember what we had. The Lost Love Poem let’s our lost love know that no matter what we will always rise above sadness to let them know just how very special the time spent with them was. The knowledge that perhaps one day this special heartfelt message may possibly mend some broken bridges is why we share such an unusual gift. The Lost Love Poem shares our feelings and acts as a foundation to build precious memories upon. “I may have lost you, but I will always love you and from that I build my strength, yes I am sad, but to send you my lasting thoughts I am standing proud” If you feel there is someone in your life that needs to know the words you may be having trouble finding please do consider The Lost Love Pond. To allow you the true personal touch the last two lines of The Lost Love Poem are put aside for you to add a short message of about twenty words over the last two lines. You can place an order HERE 

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The Friendship Poem

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Friendship Poem Gift

Friendship Poem Preview

The Friendship Poem Reassures

In our lives it is especially rare that we can count our truest of friends on both hands. Out of these friends you can probably only count the most reliable on just one hand. The Friendship Poem seeks to thank these extra special friends for their fine qualities that have come to make your Friendship such a special bond! The Friendship Poem is destined to be one of those heartfelt moments that only two people who have shared hopes, dreams and sorrows with a someone who cares deeply enough to be there, no matter what. Through the many ups and downs in our lives it is the knowledge that we can rely on a friend who will be there to offer sympathy, support and encouragement when it is really needed. This is the substance that makes that special bond ever so precious and rewarding!

The Friendship Poem is a Thank You Gift

Sometimes we get a little busy and possibly forget to include the most important people in our with all the good things that are going on. The Friendship is there to reassure these special friends that although we may sometimes find that do not  have all the time we wish we could share, we have not forgotten the most important people in our lives. It such a simple way to say a few words that perhaps you find hard to say face to face. Plus this wonderful sentiment is there to act as a reminder if ever needed. Yes this is a lasting heartfelt thanks conveyed in beautiful verse. The unbridled joy of receiving such a unique gift is obviously a great way to share your bond and will only add to the strength that binds you together. The wonderful thing about The Friendship Poem is that it also allows you to add your very own special message to an already well crafted gift. You can include up to twenty words spread out over the last two lines. When you are ready to share your words of thanks you can simply do so by ordering Here 

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The Bad Business Poem

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bad business feedback

The Bad Business Poem Preview

Bad Business Poem Offers Honesty

 The Bad Business Poem is the perfect Bad Business Feedback Tool. Not Happy? Well you paid good money so perhaps it may be prudent to let them know exactly you feel! Just how many times a day would we see examples of how really bad some folk are at their chosen path. Where is the pride and professional approach we all expect when offering our hard earned money for goods and services? It seems these days we could hand out a Bad Business Poem to half the people we deal with! It is just crazy how much standards have dropped over the recent years. Now is the time to give your honest feedback. The Bad Business Poem allows you to give your qualified opinion of what was not quite up to expected standards, in a calm sensible way. As a consumer you have the right to expect what you have paid for and if the end result does not match or exceed your desires you really should let them know you feel let down.

The Bad Business Poem Lasts

 Upon delivery, the Bad Business Poem instantly notifies the intended recipient of one unhappy customer! Your well versed and disapproving criticism will be instantly shared while also acting as a lasting reminder of what we the customer can rightfully expect when using this particular service or product. We paid good money for full attention, quality and a certain standard and yet the end result was somewhat lacking? The time to stand up is now and with this elegant form of feedback we can thoughtfully make our point and hopefully even improve the situation for next customer or perhaps even yourself if you are planning to return? It sure will be interesting to measure what your words of wisdom have achieved upon your return. If a business is not up to standard there is a real need for The Bad Business Poem! It is not nasty to share your disappointment and feelings when doing a business exchange with others. In fact it may just be your prompt actions that bring about positive change in the future. If you strongly feel there is a need to share your thoughts and concerns you can now do so with a certain flare that is also to the point! You also have the added opportunity to contribute some personal words over the last two lines beyond what feedback the Bad Business Poems already offers. To make a stand for better service simply place your order Here

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The Pet Poem is a Happy Poem

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personal pet poem gift

The Pet Poem Preview

The Pet Poem is a Friendship Poem

With the arrival of a new pet comes so many expectations of fun and new adventure! After all, this new pet is going create a special world of bonding, friendship and responsibility all rolled into one. The joy of this new bond may just change the world of the new pet owner for life. The Pet Poem seeks to re-inforce the important time of the new additions arrival. The Pet Poem reminds us that the animals are fun and inspiring. Some of life’s best lessons learned come from the added presence of an animal for the family to care for. Children will discover that animals need love and attention. Adults quickly remember their first experiences with a family pet and find themselves drawn into a new friendship. This new family member can be both alluring and captivating for the entire household.

The Pet Poem Adds to the Excitement

The choice of which new pet to care for is an interesting dilemma but a surely good one? Should we get Fish or should we get a Cat, maybe a Dog? All fine choices and no matter what the final pick is? One thing is for sure, the household becomes richer for the experience! It is hoped that after receiving The Pet Poem thoughts of even more animals comes about sooner than later. Quite possibly in no time at all the Pet Poem’s recipient will have an inspired plan to increase the number of animals in their life. After all if one is fun, two is terrific and three is just total glee. The great thing about The Pet Poem is that you can also add your own private message of inspiration and admiration over the last two lines of the Poem. You can add up to twenty words of wisdom over the last two lines. So what will you say to the New Pet Owner? Perhaps an offer to look after the new pet when the owners are on holiday? Or maybe a simple gesture of feeding the fish or walking the dog?  To offer your support you can order a Pet Poem Here

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The New Baby Poem

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pdfbaby copy

The Baby Poem Preview

The Baby Poem

The addition of a new baby is such a joy to all families. For some folk it is the beginning of a family and for others it is the latest addition. Either way the excitement can be hard to contain for everyone concerned! Friends, family and acquaintances will all be so thrilled by the special announcement. This might just be a good time to be a little creative and offer a gift of words that will remain and can be read time and time again. The Baby Poem is a warm reminder of all the little things a new baby can bring into our lives. The Baby Poem inspires us to truly enjoy the special moments that only a new baby can share. From the first smile to first steps a wonderful journey has begun and the commitment will continue for a lifetime. These precious memories forged will always be a source of inspiration.

The Baby Poem Shares The Joy

Proud parents will love to read The Baby Poem as they contemplate the many exciting times ahead. Nappies, Bath Time …… Gazing Smiles, it’s all ahead for Mum, Dad and their cherished new family member. We all love to think we can contribute to this wonderful moment in time and now we can with some well chosen words that can be printed out and either handed over personally or as part of a gift. You can even print out the Baby Poem and send it in the mail if you feel it adds to the excitement. This will be a great surprise for the new Mum and Dad. It’s the little things like this that make all the difference and unusual ideas are the ones that stick in the minds of the grateful recipients. The Baby Poem is designed to show these proud parents that you are indeed as thrilled as they are and that you welcome the chance to share part of their new journey. If you wish to share your joy of a new arrival you can do so by Ordering a Baby Poem to show you care. To really add that personal touch we offer the opportunity to share a few private words of inspiration. You can add up to twenty of your own words over the last two lines of The Baby Poem

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The Good Business Poem

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Personal Poems

The Good Business Poem Preview

Good Business Poem Reward

The Good Business Poem takes us back to the days not so long ago when good service was regularly  acknowledged by the happy customer. Depending on your age you may remember that around Christmas time there was always a card with a couple dollars inside just waiting for the Postie. You would proudly hand it over to them and then offer the words of “Hope you and your family have a great Christmas” Not all cards had money within and that didn’t matter. It was more about the sentiment and the confirmation that you were indeed pleased with the service offered by your weather beaten Postie! Instantly you could see the gratitude on their face as the realisation of their hard was in fact being recognised. During the days leading up to Christmas the postie was to be handed more and more of these “Cards of Gratitude” and it was all these warm hearted sentiments that inspired these hard workers to get through the Christmas rush and their extra workload.

Good Business Poem Thank You

Another member of our community who was to benefit at Christmas time for their  all year round hard work was to be the Garbage Collector (The Garbos) It was once not uncommon to see a six pack of beer situated next to the rubbish bins as a “Thank You Gift” This was basically the “Standard” when it came to thanking the people who provided a service to our homes and community. Of course these days such a grand offerings would be lucky to last the night on the front lawn. Such offerings of gratitude do still exist but would not be as common as yesteryear. Our modern world consists of many varied services and the acknowledgement of good service remains “a nice gesture” and possibly the best way to do business with the people that proudly serve you. From the local pizza shop, to the once a year accountant and your favorite local restaurant. There are just so many people who would really appreciate a little thank you for their efforts. If you were to sit down and write a list I am sure you would soon reach double figures!

Good Business Poem is a Personal Poem

As well as offering well crafted words of acknowledgement The Good Business Poem also offers the opportunity for you to add two lines of your own personal sentiment and gratitude. So who do you know that deserves a Personal Poem Thank You? When you are ready to let the hard workers and good services providers in our life know that you appreciate their efforts! You can place an order here at The Good Business Poem 

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